Cleaning your Fridge Coils | Edina Refrigerator Repair

Cleaning your Fridge Coils | Edina Refrigerator Repair

edina_refrigerator_repairEdina refrigerator repair is readily available when you need it from Direct Home Appliance Service, though there is one thing you can and should do on your own in order to keep your fridge working well, and not needing repairs.

To keep your refrigerator running properly, you should clean the coils underneath it every few six months or so. It’s not hard to do.

First, unplug your fridge. Next, unsnap the grille from the bottom of the fridge to have access to the coils, which are typically in the front of the fridge, though some have them on the back.
The coils at the bottom of the refrigerator cool and condense the refrigerant that ultimately is responsible for keeping your food and drinks cold or frozen up top.

As with all things, dust, dirt, pet hair and other junk can find its way to these important coils, clogging them up. The result is this: they can’t release the heat they need to release like they used to, therefore making the fridge’s compressor work harder. More energy (and electricity) is then needed to keep the fridge operating at the temperature you want it to.

Cleaning the coils can be done with a coil cleaning brush and vacuum. The brush can be bought at an appliance parts store, and because it’s bendable, it’ll fit into the tight areas around the coils. Your job with the fridge coils is to eliminate any build up that shouldn’t be there.

A recent customer from St. Louis Park damaged her coils from cleaning them too well. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard. A quick, simple brushing/vacuuming job in five minutes or less should do the job.

Should you experience problems with your fridge not working properly, Direct Home Appliance Service does Edina refrigerator repair. Though most fridges function fine for long periods of time, sometimes they need professional service. For Edina refrigerator repair, call 952-920-6195.

Savings vs Appliance Repair Plans | Edina Appliance Repair

edina_appliance_repairPretty much everyone has appliances in their home or apartment. And these appliances, including fridges and stoves, can sometimes have problems that need fixing. Obviously replacing large appliances can get expensive. A typical new fridge at Home Depot costs $400 on the low end and $1,000 on the high end. Most people end up paying somewhere in the middle—like $700—for a new fridge these days.

However, it’s more cost effective to have appliances repaired. Now there are two popular appliance repair plan providers in Minnesota—Centerpoint Energy has what they call “Home Service Plus” accounts and Xcel Energy offers what they call “HomeSmart” accounts.

HomeSmart accounts with Excel Energy cost about $180 for yearly coverage with their basic appliance repair plan, or about $490 with their premium plan. Home Service Plus accounts with Centerpoint Energy cost even more—about $222 for yearly coverage with their basic appliance repair plan, or about $503 with their “Total Repair Plan.” Do you really want to be spending several hundred dollars on the “chance” you might use one of these plans to have your appliance(s) repaired during the year?

You’d be better off investing that money into a savings account, where you earn some interest and use the money at a later date if needed, rather than be out of a couple hundred dollars.

Rather than spend too much money on elaborate “what if” plans, you should consider using appliance service in Edina, Minnesota, through Direct Home Appliance Service. We’re an affordable alternative to expensive annual repair plans; we strive to keep prices within your budget and we do not have hidden fees. Our techs are certified to repair all sorts of appliances, including many well-known brands such as GE, Kenmore, and Frigidaire.

Edina appliance repair services can help you save money! Call Direct Home Appliance Service at 952-920-6195 today and find out how affordable our prices are to repair your appliances.