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Dryer Vents Can Kill | Blaine Appliance Service

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Your dryer vent could kill you. Say what?!

A dryer vent needs changing on a yearly basis to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and all the stuff in your home. Here’s why: every year, several thousand dryer fires happen, resulting in not only property damage, but personal injury or worse—loss of life.

Whether you have an electric or gas dryer, know this: lint from your clothing builds up in the vent over time, and the very hot air/debris blowing through the vent can sometimes catch fire. While rare, it does happen.

If you have an older white plastic hose kit attached to your dryer, it’s time to replace it with a metal version, which is less likely to allow a fire. These days, flexible ductwork meeting the UL 2158A standard should be used as dryer venting—nothing else.

Direct Home Appliance Services can come to your home in Blaine, offering appliance services including the changing of your dryer vent(s). Blaine appliance service can check the outside dryer vent to make sure exhaust air is escaping your home properly, remove any blockages, and/or clean the duct as needed. Furthermore, Blaine appliance service can replace or reconnect the ducting to the dryer and outside vent to make sure everything is in proper working order and your dryer vent is functioning correctly.

If your clothes seem to be taking longer and longer to dry, or they’re hotter than they used to be at the end of the drying cycle, you may need to adjust your dryer vent. Also, if you smell a burnt smell near the dryer, or the outside of the dryer is very hot when you touch it, you may have some issues that need to be dealt with.

Trust a professional Blaine appliance service person to come inspect your dryer vent to make sure everything’s a-okay with it. The last thing you want to experience is a fire caused by your dryer! Call 763-572-8022 to schedule an appointment to get your dryer vent looked at as soon as possible.

Savings vs Appliance Repair Plans | Edina Appliance Repair

edina_appliance_repairPretty much everyone has appliances in their home or apartment. And these appliances, including fridges and stoves, can sometimes have problems that need fixing. Obviously replacing large appliances can get expensive. A typical new fridge at Home Depot costs $400 on the low end and $1,000 on the high end. Most people end up paying somewhere in the middle—like $700—for a new fridge these days.

However, it’s more cost effective to have appliances repaired. Now there are two popular appliance repair plan providers in Minnesota—Centerpoint Energy has what they call “Home Service Plus” accounts and Xcel Energy offers what they call “HomeSmart” accounts.

HomeSmart accounts with Excel Energy cost about $180 for yearly coverage with their basic appliance repair plan, or about $490 with their premium plan. Home Service Plus accounts with Centerpoint Energy cost even more—about $222 for yearly coverage with their basic appliance repair plan, or about $503 with their “Total Repair Plan.” Do you really want to be spending several hundred dollars on the “chance” you might use one of these plans to have your appliance(s) repaired during the year?

You’d be better off investing that money into a savings account, where you earn some interest and use the money at a later date if needed, rather than be out of a couple hundred dollars.

Rather than spend too much money on elaborate “what if” plans, you should consider using appliance service in Edina, Minnesota, through Direct Home Appliance Service. We’re an affordable alternative to expensive annual repair plans; we strive to keep prices within your budget and we do not have hidden fees. Our techs are certified to repair all sorts of appliances, including many well-known brands such as GE, Kenmore, and Frigidaire.

Edina appliance repair services can help you save money! Call Direct Home Appliance Service at 952-920-6195 today and find out how affordable our prices are to repair your appliances.

Appliance Service White Bear Lake

appliance_service_in_white_bear_lakeHaving a washing machine in your home is a nice luxury—it beats having to take your wash to a Laundromat, for sure!

Washing machines are relatively maintenance free, but did you know the hoses that supply them with hot and cold water can become worn-out and cracked after just a couple years of use? Indeed, many basements have been flooded when hoses have broken. You don’t want that to happen.

Hoses that attach to your washing machine should ideally be replaced every five years. You can replace rubber hoses with stainless-steel braided hoses, which cost about $15 at a hardware or discount store. These hoses are a lot like garden hoses, so you don’t need to feel intimidated about replacing them on your own.

If you want to replace your hot and cold water hoses, shut off the water to the washing machine. Next, run the machine on fill cycle for just a few seconds—this gets the remaining water/pressure out of the hoses. When that’s done, unplug the washing machine.

You can remove your old hoses and attach the new ones in their place. Use a wrench to tighten them if you feel it’s necessary. There should be about four inches of open space between the back of the washing machine and your wall. After the new hoses are on, plug the machine in and push it into its proper place.

Run your washer like you normally would and check to see if there are any leaks—there shouldn’t be.

Direct Home Appliance Service, which offers appliance service White Bear Lake, Minnesota, can help with replacing your hoses if you’d rather a professional do it. Also, they can perform washing machine maintenance and/or repairs if needed.

For appliance service White Bear Lake, call Direct Home Appliance Service today at 651-488-7732.